Taking the Gospel to the world

Near and Far                                   

Currently, I am a student pilot

I am working towards my Private Pilot Certificate (PPC). This is the first step in aviation. I hope to gain enough flight hours and specific ratings to join a Missions organization and be sent wherever God wants me.

At this moment I am in high school and dual enrolled at my local community college. Finishing up the ground training portion of the PPC requirements while working towards a degree. 

Flight training via CMA

Once I graduate from high school, I plan to attend the College of Missionary Aviation (CMA), where I will complete any remaining flight training requirements. As well as learn skills necessary on a missions field. 

You can learn more about CMA by visiting the following link: Home - College of Missionary Aviation 

Please pray for me

I want to serve the Lord with everything He has given me. There is a long road ahead and I am only at the beginning. So, please pray for me as I start this journey.


Right now, I am working at a coffee shop and babysitting/petting sitting in my free time. I hope to gain scholarships through local organizations and Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Wings program.

Any questions or considering sponsoring my training? Contact me: 

Email: prospectofrain@gmail.com

Instagram: @callsign_redbird